There are many different ways to deliver your message to your audience and the most effective projects will use multiple platforms to do this. When you choose your message delivery platforms, keep in mind:

  • How does your particular audience receives their information?
  • How will you be able to reach the most people?
  • Which platforms are most accessible to you?

Choose Your Platform

Choose your platform infographic

If your key audience are peers at your school; they probably receive most of their information through social media and may also hear announcements daily over a school broadcast. In that case, making use of a social media campaign as well as delivering your message over the school announcements may be two of the best platforms to reach them by.

However, if your audience is your district’s school board made up of adult community members, then the best way to reach them may be by delivering your message through emails and a presentation at a school board meeting.

Click here to see more information on how to use each platform!

Now that you have had a chance to explore the different platforms and how they can be used, it’s time to choose the platforms that you will use to reach your audience and deliver your key messages. Remember to choose platforms that are accessible to you and relevant to how your audience receives information. Keep in mind that you may want to use more than one platform in order to reach the largest number of audience members possible. Once you have decided on your platforms, enter your shared Google folder and locate the “Phase 2 Forms” worksheet located in the Phase 2 folder. Complete the questions under the Phase 2.3 section.

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