Task List: Who, What, and When?

You’ve decided on your project details, so now it’s time to plan for action! To take action, you will create a master task list with deadlines to move your project forward.

  • A detailed description of each task
  • Dates when each task needs to be completed
  • Who on the team will complete each task

A team brainstorm is a great way to get started. Make a list of all the tasks that will need to be done to get your project accomplished. Here’s some things to think about when making your task list:

  • Are there any items or tools you’ll need to purchase or gather?
  • Do you need to seek permission from anyone for your project or do you need any permits?
  • How you will be using your chosen campaign platform and the key messages you created ?
  • Do you need to create any campaign materials (presentations, posters, flyers)?
  • Do you need to contact participants, volunteers or outside organizations to help?

Once you make your list, put them in order of things that need to be done first, second and so on. Then assign a team member to the task and a deadline to have it completed.

Example Task List

Task 1 

  • Task: Research types of trees to plant near library park and where to buy seeds/saplings
  • Deadline: November 1st  
  • Who: Zarinah

Task 2 

  • Task: Contact Dig Alert to check there are no gas or electrical lines where the trees will be planted
  • Deadline: October 31st 
  • Who: Anjuli

Task 3 

  • Task: Make online poster on Canva to promote our tree planting event
  • Deadline: December 20th 
  • Who: Glenn 

Task 4 

  • Task: Contact our Vice-Principal to upload virtual flier on the school’s website 
  • Deadline: February 14th 
  • Who: Sam

To create your tasks list, enter your shared Google folder and locate the “Phase 2 Forms” worksheet located in the Phase 2 folder. Complete the questions under the Phase 2.3 section.

Congratulations on finishing Phase 2! You now have a well planned out Campaign and it’s time to take action!

Before moving on to Phase 3 complete the Phase 2 form. Copy and paste the answers from your “Phase 2 Forms” worksheets into the form below.

Having trouble viewing or completing the form below? To view in Google Forms click here – Phase 2 Form

Congrats on Completing Phase 2! We will kick off Phase 3 with a webinar to meet students from across the globe, share your project, and hear about your fellow Eco-Leaders . Your advisor will share details on how to join.

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