Share Your Impact

Once you have completed your task list and outreach for your project, you will want to calculate and report your final impacts. The impact metrics that you will report can include some of the following:

Outreach Metrics

  • Press & Media Exposure
  • Community Members Reached
  • Students Reached

Environmental Metrics

  • Waste Diverted (waste prevented from entering the environment)
  • Waste Collected (waste removed from the environment)
  • Food Waste Diverted
  • Gallons of Water Saved
  • Trees Planted
  • Acres of Land Preserved
  • CO2 Sequestered
  • CO2 Diverted

Use your completed documentation worksheet(s) from Phase 3.1 to report the impacts you have made in addition to the students and community members you reached through your project on the Phase 3.2 form. 

Please reach out to your advisor for help making sure you have captured all of your impacts.

Having trouble viewing or completing the form below? To view in Google Forms click here – Phase 3 Form

Congratulations for finishing Phase 3! Now it’s time to move on to Phase 4 and celebrate your imapct!

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