RISE Eco Grants

What are Eco Grants?

Grades of Green Eco Grants are funding prizes ranging from $250 to $1,000 awarded to the most impactful teams from the RISE Climate Solutions Campaign. The most impactful teams will have their projects sent to a panel of experts in sustainability to decide the winners of Eco Grants each program year. Eco Grants are designed to be used to further a team’s environmental impact in their community!

How to use an Eco Grant

Purchase supplies needed for a project

Invest in infrastructure to green your campus

Educate your community

Market your project to further your outreach

How to Earn an Eco Grant

Step 1: Register your team
Register your team and a Grades of Green advisor will confirm your registration and provide you with next steps.
Step 2: Complete the campaign
Complete all 4 campaign phases along with required phase forms.
Step 3: Submit outreach materials
Submit pictures, videos, etc. of your project by the Campaign deadline.

That’s it! Once you complete all of the eligibility requirements, your project will be evaluated by a panel of judges who will award those with the most meaningful impact!

Past Eco Grant Winners

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Eco Grant Partners

LA County Sanitation Districts

Terms of Earning an Eco Grants

  • Each participating team is eligible to win one eco grant per year.
  • Eco-grants are not guaranteed and will be awarded based on the discretion of Grades of Green.
  • Eco-grant funding should be used solely to implement or advance a climate solutions project.
  • Eco-grant winners will be required to report back on use of funds.