Water Campaign Launches in 35 Cities and 8 Countries!

The  RISE by Grades of Green 2018 Water Campaign has officially launched in 35 cities in 8 countries across the globe! The Water Campaign is Grades of Green’s largest ever semester-long virtual program that gives students the leadership tools and resources that they need to launch a community wide water solution. Starting in September and ending in December 2018, 250+ students will receive customized mentorship, leadership training, a library of water protection resources, and the opportunity to win $500 Eco Grants and one $1,000 grand prize to fund their water solution. Through their efforts, Water Campaign eco-leaders will involve over 100,000 community members in their water protection Campaigns.

The Water Campaign has 4 Phases that guide students towards creating and sharing their solution:

  • Phase 1: Research and Discover
    • Research your local water resources, identify key water issues and solutions, and meet your Campaign Partner Team!
  • Phase 2: Water Action
    • Track your personal water use and take action to conserve water or to protect water quality, calculate your gallons of water saved, and use what you learned to select a local water solution to share with your community.
  • Phase 3: Awareness
    • Create a Campaign Video showcasing your local water issue, your solution, and your call to action; then spread awareness by sharing your video with your community.
  • Phase 4: Civic Engagement
    • Launch your community event or presentation to local leadership, compile your Water Campaign results, submit your Final Results Survey to Grades of Green, and celebrate our success!

This week, Campaign Teams are launching Phase 1: Research and Discover. Our Campaign Teams are researching their local water resources and interviewing experts to identify a water conservation or water quality issue to focus on.

Here are a few highlights from our Campaign Teams so far:

1. Grades of Green Youth Environmental Award Winner and Water Campaign alumnus Younes is joining the Water Campaign as the adult lead for the George Washington Academy Green Council in Morocco

2. PAUD Cemara Kasih, a Campaign Team in Bali, Indonesia, virtually met with their Grades of Green Mentor and brainstormed ways to re-use greywater for their school vegetable garden

3. The Campaign Team at Thomas Starr King Elementary School in Los Angeles, CA set the goal of increasing drinking water quality at school fountains and decreasing plastic bottle consumption

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