Grades of Green is happy to report that RR Donnelley (RRD) employees have been volunteering in their communities to spread the word about environmental protection through Grades of Green Activities! Bruce, a Deal Manager at RRD, visited the students at Portland Elementary School in Portland, Oregon, to get students excited about environmental stewardship with fun eco-facts and games. He used materials from the Grades of Green website like the 3R Curriculum to create his lesson plan. To help the students better connect with green issues, they also learned about local environmental programs, including topics such as bottle deposits, using the Metro, and more. These students and volunteers show that making environmental protection “second nature” in young minds is easy and also a good time! RRD employees also visited Escondido Elementary School in Palo Alto, California. Thank you RR Donnelley for partnering with Grades of Green to inspire and empower students and the broader school community to care for the environment!