Dozens of schools, from Santa Monica to Long Beach, are currently participating in the Water Campaign; investigating water quality issues in their community, developing sustainability solutions, and collaborating with like-minded students half way around the world. These Environmental Campaigns are made possible by partnerships with community-oriented organizations like the Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County.

“The goal of Grades of Green’s Water Campaign is not only to teach students about their local water resources but also to teach students how to conserve water, recycle and save energy. Educating students through programs such as these furthers our mission of converting waste into resources in the communities we serve,” said Grace Robinson Hyde, Sanitation Districts’ Chief Engineer and General Manager.

The mission of LA County Sanitation is to protect the environment through innovative waste management. Empowering the youngest generation of activists to protect water and divert waste shows exactly how LA County Sanitation can put innovation into practice.

Stay tuned as Grades of Green Eco-Leaders continue to ‘take out the trash,’ during the spring semester’s Waste Campaign. Do YOU know a rising student leader who is ready to take action? Help them form a team of students and register now!