Robinson Elementary School 4th graders Samantha Underwood, Nicole Raventos and Jessica Duckworth decorated some cloth napkins to use in their lunch boxes!  Did you know it takes 10 liters of water to make a single paper napkin?  How about the number of trees we cut down every day to make the paper?  Does it really make sense?  These kids know there is a better way.  It’s called reusing!

Reusing products instead of purchasing new disposable items is a great idea. It reduces the natural resources used to create that item as well as the packaging for the item. It reduces the natural resources used to transport the item. It reduces the amount of trash that goes into the landfill and incinerator.

Robinson Elementary is leading the way by teaching their students about environmental education.They believe that teaching kids how to take care of the earth is one of the most important ways we can prepare kids for life.  So take a step and join in on the fun – our planet will thank you!