Silver Spur Elementary, a Grades of Green Certified School in Palos Verdes, is launching a Water Awareness Week this November to get the whole campus involved in water conservation as part of Grades of Green’s pilot Global Water Challenge. Silver Spur’s Green Team is focusing on creating a sustainable “personal water culture” by taking action to develop water-saving habits. Silver Spur’s school-wide awareness effort will have a huge ripple effect, because, by comping Grades of Green’s Water Challenge, students save an average of 300 gallons of water. In addition to building sustainable water habits, Silver Spur’s 25 student Green Team is installing rain barrels and planting a drought-tolerant native garden.

What is the Global Water Challenge?

The Global Water Challenge is Grades of Green’s first virtual challenge program designed to inspire students across the globe to take action to conserve water at school and in their communities. Student leaders at participating schools are taking on the goals of saving water, inspiring their communities to care for the environment, and innovating solutions to local water issues. The Spring 2018 Challenge, which kicks off in January, will be open to 75 schools across the world, engaging a total of 160,000 students in water conservation and green leadership.

Inspired by Silver Spur’s amazing efforts to save water? Become a Spring 2018 Water Challenge school by joining Grades of Green here and then registering for the Water Challenge here