What is the Film Industry?

The film industry includes production companies, studios, screenwriters, actors, crews, film directors, and technological and commercial institutions that are a part of the filmmaking process.

Film Corporation Examples:

  • Universal Pictures
  • Paramount Pictures
  • Warner Brothers
  • Walt Disney Pictures
  • Sony Pictures
  • Lionsgate
  • Dreamworks Studios

Film’s Environmental Impact

The film industry has a major impact on the environment. The production of films emits carbon during filming and flights to locations, tons of energy, and loads of waste from water bottles, food, and even set pieces. Sound stages can even destroy rainforests! Check out this article on the environmental wreckage of a large-scale film. There are some major environmental consequences of film production.

How Does Film Affect Environmental Justice?

Depending on where a movie is filmed, environmental injustices can occur. For example, films shot in native lands can often leave the land worse off even though they are trying to emphasize the natural beauty of the land. However, many films can bring light to the environmental injustices in the world. Here are a few films that open people’s eyes and minds regarding environmental justice.

What Can You Do to Support the Environment?

  • Do your research. Uncover if the movie you want to see was produced sustainably. 
  • Spend some time watching environmental films instead of mainstream movies. Although at times, these too can cause environmental damage.

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