San Pedro High School celebrated Air Quality Awareness Month in May by taking on our No Idle Zone activity. This green initiative matters a lot: idling is linked to higher rates of asthma (among other serious health issues), which is the most common chronic illness among children as well as the largest cause of school absences.

The school is located in California where school bus drivers are required by law to turn off their engine if they are waiting for longer than one minute. We’re talking about saving the school district money — on average, drivers waste 1-2 tanks of gas every year by idling — and making it easier for young lungs to breathe. To thank their campus bus drivers’ commitment to student health, San Pedro High School acknowledged these drivers with a certificate and a thank you gift (see photos here and here).

Eager to bring a No Idle Zone to your campus? Start by registering to unlock the full activity on our website. Learn more about the activity, the impacts of idling, and best practices for taking on No Idle Zones by watching our webinar.