Grades of Green has been falling into the holiday spirit with some outreach events this season. Grades of Green students and staff hosted fun and informational  Outreach booths at West Basin’s Water Harvest Festival, American Martyrs’ Parish Fair, Manhattan Beach’s Farmer’s Market Pumpkin Races, and the Anaheim Ducks’ Eco Challenge Day at the Honda Center to inspire and empower kids to care for the environment. The Grades of Green Team informed the community about ways they can reduce their environmental impacts during the holidays by playing Trashy Trivia games and explaining the resources Grades of Green has to offer.

Grades of Green students also had a chance to practice their public speaking skills at TEDX Manhattan Beach, where they taught the audience about the importance of sorting their waste and composting or recycling whenever possible. During the lunch break, Grades of Green students got a chance to interact with the audience even more while monitor the sorting stations and making sure waste was being sorted correctly.

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