The new school year is approaching and there’s no better time to go green! Statistics show that going green improves your school community! A recent study found that of schools with a hands-on environmental curriculum, 100% had improved behavior, attendance, and attitudes; 77% had improved standardized test scores; and 93% of the educators noted positive impact on the learning environment.  Implementing sustainable practices at the beginning of a school year increases your success rate. You can continually build on your eco-successes throughout the year, creating a great momentum and environmental understanding for your students! Wondering where to begin? Grades of Green has plenty of resources, tips, and downloads with each of our 40+ Grades of Green Activities to make it as easy as possible to start greening your school and instilling eco-values! Get started today! Simply:

  1. 1. Register here on the Grades of Green website.
  2. 2. Enroll your school to receive a Grades of Green Advisor and track your progress and successes.
  3. 3. Select one of the Grades of Green Activities tackling environmental issues regarding air, waste, water, energy, and toxins! Here are our top Grades of Green Activity recommendations for new schools:
    • a. Start a Grades of Green Team!
    • b. In-class recycling is an easy way to reduce waste.
    • c. Add Grades of Green’s Earth Tips to your school’s electronic newsletter for a fun and easy way to educate your campus about simple ways to protect the earth.
    • d. Grades of Green’s No Idle Zone is now an official California Resolution! Set up a No-Idle Zone at your school to decrease air pollution across campus.
    • e. Are cleaning supplies on your classroom back to school supply checklist? Consider switching to Green Cleaning Supplies so your students will be exposed to less toxins.
    • f. The Electricity Challenge brings monetary savings and some friendly competition to your school!
    • g. Save your school money and conserve water with the School-Wide Water Reduction Activity.
    1. 4. Contact your school’s Grades of Green Advisor to discuss how to best implement these Activities at your school.
    2. 5. Enjoy watching students’ environmental knowledge and habits change for the better!


There are even more Grades of Green Activities and tips at Check them out to see which Grades of Green Activities you can start at your school!