Center Street Elementary School featured their Grades of Green waste reduction activities on El Segundo TV! The segment highlighted the school’s waste reduction efforts through Grades of Green Activities such as Trash Free Lunches and Campus Composting. Center Street Elementary School also implements other Grades of Green Activities such as No Idle Zones, In-Class Recycling, and much more. Learn more about Center Street Elementary School’s efforts to go green and get ready to be inspired by watching the video clip here!

Center Street School Grades of Green – What’s Up El Segundo

Grades of Green Youth Corps Eco-Leadership students Lila M. and Sienna A. were interviewed by food coach and fitness & nutrition reporter Lori Corbin on ABC7 News! The segment highlighted Grand View Elementary School where Grades of Green first started back in 2010. Although the school has already taken on multiple Grades of Green Activities from Walk to School Wednesdays and trash-free lunches to composting and replacing paper flyers with reusable chalk boards, Grand View plans to continue its efforts to make a better planet. Check out the video clip here to learn more about how Grades of Green is carrying out its mission to inspire and empower kids to care for the environment.

Grades of Green students in Manhattan Beach teach others on how to save the planet _ abc7.

Congratulations to Macy Intermediate School in Monterey Park, California, who just became Grades of Green Certified! Thanks to the leadership of their Grades of Green Team, 4H club, and supportive educators, Macy has completed Grades of Green’s Campus Composting Activity, Trash Free Lunches Activity, Display Cases Activity, and Green King and Queen Challenge Activity.  The Grades of Green Team student leaders are constantly coming up with fresh, fun, educational games to inspire their campus community to care for the environment, and we could not be more proud of their efforts and accomplishments. Congratulations Macy! Interested in following Macy’s lead and getting your school Grades of Green Certified? Email us today at to get individualized support from your school’s Grades of Green Advisor!

Grades of Green Youth Corps student Sydney W. launched campus composting at Lunada Bay Elementary school to help her school community take action to care for the earth. Sydney has been a part of the Youth Corps Eco-Leadership program for two years, and after successfully hosting a water conservation challenge for the second grade classrooms last year, she was interested in reviving the school’s composting program this year. Sydney recruited friends to join her, and worked with the principal and her Grades of Green Advisor to develop a plan to collect compostable food waste in the lunch area every Tuesday. On January 31st, Sydney made announcements at the start of each lunch period to explain to students what belongs in the compost collection bucket, and how the collected food scraps would be composted in the school garden. Sydney and her friends walked around the lunch tables to collect the food scraps, and rewarded students who participated with a hand stamp. Way to go Sydney! Interested in learning more about the Grades of Green Youth Corps Eco-Leadership program? Click here!

After a whopping six years of implementing Grades of Green Activities, Franklin Elementary School in Santa Monica is continuing their path to environmental sustainability by hosting an informative assembly for their kindergarten and first graders. Franklin Elementary Youth Corps Eco-Leadership Program students Felix, Averie and Kiera gave an assembly with the Grades of Green team to teach students the 4 R’s, how to pack trash free, and how to sort their lunchtime waste! After the assembly, students we able to practice their lunchtime sorting, and “super sorters” were rewarded with a raffle ticket that they could exchange for prizes.  Special thanks to Franklin Elementary’s Grades of Green Team for contributing to the school’s long history of implementing Grades of Green water activities such as the water reduction challenge, earth activities such as display cases, and waste activities such as litter monster, trash free lunches, and campus composting! Interested in learning more about the Youth Corps Eco-Leadership Program? Click here to read about all the students and the Grades of Green Activities they are working on this year. Interested in implementing Grades of Green Activities at your school? Find out how by clicking here!


Grades of Green celebrated the Green Apple Day of Service with the goal of transforming all schools into healthy, safe, and productive learning environments. On Tuesday, September 30th, 2016, Grades of Green went to Silver Spur Elementary School in Rancho Palos Verdes to give an assembly about the importance of sorting lunchtime waste and composting. Silver Spur Elementary School competed in the 2012-2013 Trash Free Lunch Challenge and Grades of Green was happy to go back to remind students about how reducing, reusing, recycling, and composting protect the environment as well as how they can lead environmental efforts at their school! After the assembly, Grades of Green staff stayed for Silver Spur’s lunchtime to engage with students and train the new Recycle Rangers, Eco-Leaders, and Compost Rangers on how to work together to manage their lunchtime waste sorting system. The Recycle Rangers have been tasked with ensuring that students are recycling and separating their bottles and cans correctly and the Eco-Leaders work to implement other environmental activities in the school. The Compost Rangers are in charge of taking the compost collected in the waste sorting system to the compost bin in the campus garden. From there, the Garden Club will tend to the garden and use the compost when growing fruits, vegetables, and flowers. Grades of Green and the Silver Spur parent volunteers were just a few of the over 750,000 volunteers in over 73 countries to participate in Green Apple Day and remind everyone that where we learn matters.

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