Transportation accounts for more than 41% of emissions in California! That’s more than electricity, agriculture, residential, and commercial air pollution combined! Many Californians get from point A to point B using a vehicle without even thinking about it. Take the Clean Air Pledge on October 3 to find new ways you can improve local air quality.

Grades of Green students are also passionate about air quality. Antonio from Long Beach worked with Assemblymember David Hadley to introduce ACR 160, a resolution to encourage schools in California to implement No Idle Zones around campus. No Idle Zones encourage parents to turn off their car engine while waiting in school pick-up lines which helps improve air quality for students. Several other students have helped improved air quality by implementing No Idle Zones in their schools and communities, encouraging “walking school busses”, and spreading the word about other simple ways students can improve air quality.

Join the movement to improve local air quality today by taking the Clean Air Pledge here!