On May 2nd at 1:30 P.M. Pacific Time, join us for our Final Webinar of the school year!

In the past year, our series of webinars aimed to teach leadership, communication, and community-building skills while implementing one of our 40 hands-on activities to take action at your school and in your community. If you’re looking to improve your environmental advocacy skills, review our past webinars like our “Create a Movement” and “Spread the Word” webinars!

For our Grand Finale, we’re bringing you tips and tricks from our rockstar panel of Grades of Green Advisors – live! If you’re interested in improving your actions, sustaining your environmental program for future generations, or you have any questions for our advisors, please join us on Facebook and we’ll do our best to answer your questions.

The panel of Advisors will answer questions and share feedback on carrying-on your environmental programs and activities over the summer and on-to the next school year! You can watch them on your own (as an individual student/educator) or with your entire Grades of Green Team!

We hope to see you all soon!

Facing Environmental Challenges Together!

Grades of Green schools can be found all over the world. Currently, Grades of Green schools span 17 different countries. These schools have implemented Grades of Green activities all around the world while providing a variety of international viewpoints and answers to environmental problems. Many of these solutions can be applied to countries with similar climates, such as using mulch to help soil with water retention- saving water in the process, as St. Roza has shown us. By joining Grades of Green, schools become part of a Global network where they have multiple opportunities to communicate with each other. After all, solutions from 615 (and counting!) schools are better than one!

Last semester, the Global Water Challenge brought Millard Extension from Nebraska and Water Challenge Winner St. Roza from Uganda together. The two schools communicated frequently through Google Classroom. After last year’s challenge, these two schools have kept in contact and are continuing to help each other with their environmental goals!

Buddy Schools!

This year, we have over 40 schools in 10 different countries participating in the 2018 Spring Water Challenge! We’re pairing each school with a buddy school so that people can share their experiences, insights, and inspirations. Through increased communication, schools will be able to learn about other ways to tackle environmental solutions! Moreover, students get to learn about different cultures across the map in their shared goal towards a more environmental conscious world.

If you haven’t registered yet, feel free to register your school with Grades of Green here! You’ll receive FREE downloadable resources and one-on-one staff advisor support year-round.