Grades of Green has been featured in the prestigious Conscious Magazine. Each Conscious Magazine Issue showcases the creative and innovative ideas that have had tangible impacts around the world.


Our staff members combined our green minds and collaborated on a piece that has just been published in the environmentally friendly magazine! The piece highlights the link between Grades of Green, and the UN Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs). The SDGs highlight all of the important humanitarian goals (including combating climate change) that the UN hopes to accomplish by the year 2030. Both Grades of Green and the SDG’s each aim to oversee and contribute to positive environmental changes in the world.


We are honored to be a part of such a socially impactful and important magazine. A big thank you goes out to Conscious Magazine for this opportunity that showcases who we are, and how impactful Grades of Green has been in making environmental protection second nature in young minds today.
Go grab your copy of this quarter’s Conscious Magazine today, located at Barnes and Nobles!