Franklin Classical Middle School in Long Beach, California participated in Grades of Green’s Trash Free Lunch Challenge in 2014-2015, and has taken their Grades of Green program to new heights! In the past three years, the school has donated 21,000 pounds of food to local shelters.  Every Friday after school, Grades of Green Team students volunteer their time to manage the schools various Grades of Green Activities. Students help recycle beverage containers and paper in classrooms, tend to the lunchtime sorting stations, and maintain the school garden. The students hosted their first e-waste drive in May 2017, and it was a huge success! Franklin Classical was awarded a Silver Level Green Ribbon School this year, and Grades of Green could not be more proud. Keep up the great work Franklin Classical! Interested in following in Franklin Classical’s eco-footsteps? Registration is now open for the 2017-2018 Trash Free Lunch Challenge! Click here to learn more.

Grades of Green student Sydney H. dreamed of installing water refill stations, also called hydration stations, at Manhattan Beach Middle School for years. While a student at the middle school, Sydney hosted three annually occurring e-waste drives to fund raise for the station. With the help of Grades of Green students at the school, two hydration stations were installed spring 2017, and a ribbon cutting celebration took place in May to celebrate the new eco-addition to the school. Now high school student Sydney visited the campus to participate in the ribbon cutting ceremony, and to be one of the first students to refill her reusable water bottle at a hydration station. The installation of the two stations will help divert over 80 millions tons of plastic waste from entering oceans each year. Talk about a big environmental impact! Interested in installing a hydration station at your school? Click here to get started!


Grades of Green is  ecstatic to welcome the first international school to become Grades of Green Certified! A huge shout out to George Washington Academy in Morocco on its Certification. This is such an incredible way for Grades of Green, and George Washington Academy, to kick off the new year.

George Washington Academy has implemented five activities so far including:

Hey George Washington Academy, keep it up! Grades of Green is here to root you on as you tackle more Grades of Green Activities. We encourage you to continue your hard work towards environmental protection at your school. Thank you for all your efforts as you have demonstrated that Grades of Green Certification is possible for any school, anywhere.