Did you know some items are too toxic to throw away in a regular trash can? Household hazardous waste (HHW) such as paint, expired pharmaceuticals, and anti-freeze as well as electronic waste (e-waste) such as batteries and light bulbs should only be disposed of at a specialized waste facility. If left in a regular trash can and taken to a landfill, these items can break down and release dangerous chemicals into the environment.

On Satruday, December 9, the County of Los Angeles is hosting a household hazardous waste and e-waste roundup at Lomita City Hall. Bring in all your items that are too toxic to trash in a sturdy box, and they will make sure it is properly disposed of! Click here for more information.

Want to make sure household hazardous waste and e-waste are properly disposed of in your community? Click here to check out our E-Waste Recycling Activity!