Students and teachers at St. Roza in Uganda are taking initiative to help conserve the environment. Today we Skyped with the incredible students who are already planting trees around their community and neighborhoods, filtering drinking water and much more. Several students are members of Wildlife Club at their school whose motto is to ‘conserve nature’. Kids of all ages are being encouraged to conserve water by harvesting rainwater and reducing water misuse. So far, students at St. Roza have concluded that the majority of water in their community is used for home chores such as for cooking, cleaning, toiletry, and irrigation. After making this assessment, students are currently focused on finding innovative ways to cut down water usage for household activities! St. Roza is part of Grades of Green’s Water Challenge Pilot Program. Keep up with the students at St. Roza by referring to our blog. You can also follow in St. Roza’s footsteps by registering here and utilizing Grades of Green’s Earth Tips to spread the word on campus!

Grades of Green is  ecstatic to welcome the first international school to become Grades of Green Certified! A huge shout out to George Washington Academy in Morocco on its Certification. This is such an incredible way for Grades of Green, and George Washington Academy, to kick off the new year.

George Washington Academy has implemented five activities so far including:

Hey George Washington Academy, keep it up! Grades of Green is here to root you on as you tackle more Grades of Green Activities. We encourage you to continue your hard work towards environmental protection at your school. Thank you for all your efforts as you have demonstrated that Grades of Green Certification is possible for any school, anywhere.