Grades of Green is excited to share our No Idle Zone Communications Toolkit with you to help spread the word to your school and broader community about why idling at schools is dangerous for our kids and what your school can do about it! Grades of Green student Antonio inspired the passage of ACR 160 in California, which encourages all schools across the state to create a No Idle Zone, simply meaning parents are encouraged to turn off their cars when dropping off and picking up their kids from school. Not in California? No problem! Grades of Green offers an easy-to-follow No Idle Zone Activity to implement at any school across the globe! 29 other states also have No Idle Zone legislation, and with your help, we can make it all 50 states!



In addition to implementing the No Idle Zone Activity, you can use the following tools to spread the news and raise awareness for the cause:

Post on your school’s website or include in the school’s e-newsletter! [Click here for a sample post]

Tweet about No Idle Zones [Click here for sample Tweets]

Make a Facebook post about No Idling [Click here for sample posts]

Inform the school community with a video [Click here for a sample video]

Write an article for your local newspaper [Click here for a sample article]

Get creative! Craft one of our Display Cases or add Grades of Green’s No Idle Zone facts to your morning announcements.


ACR 160 encourages participation in Grades of Green’s No Idle Zone Activity. When you register for Grades of Green here, you can unlock the step-by-step implementation instructions and resources for this Activity, such as research showing why no idling at schools is important for the environment and our kids’ health.

Looking for some tips from other Grades of Green schools who have implemented No Idle Zones? Check out how Robinson Elementary implemented No Idle Zones last year and how to kick it up a notch with their “good tickets” at the parent drive area!

If you have any suggestions for items you’d like to see in this toolkit, let us know at