7th Grader and Grades of Green Youth Corps student leader, Rocio, implemented Grades of Green’s Recycled Art Activity at Gardena’s Environmental Charter Middle School to celebrate spring. Rocio and the entire 7th grade class showcased 3D models of Utopian cities they designed and built, all from recycled materials. The students worked in teams to identify what they felt are societies most serious problems, and how a Utopian city would address these issues. They also outlined the services that cities need, like food, clean water, clean energy, housing, jobs, healthcare, safety, recreation, and education. The student teams created blueprints and then constructed a 3D architectural model all from recycled materials. Each group also developed a website to explain and promote their city. A dreamy Utopia was created, all from materials that would have gone to waste. Well done Rocio and Environmental Charter Middle School students! Interested in joining the 2017-2018 Grades of Green Youth Corps Eco-Leadership program? Email us at info@gradesofgreen.org for more information today!