Grades of Green’s newly announced Co-Executive Directors Allie Bussjaeger  and Emily Gee were recently featured on the Beach Reporter. The Co-Executive Directors both started out as interns at Grades of Green over seven years ago, and have been growing in and supporting the organization ever since.
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Grades of Green names new co-executive directors.

Grades of Green is excited to introduce our not one, but two Executive Directors! After being a part of the Grades of Green Team for over 15 collective years, Emily Gee-Berger and Allie Bussjaeger are stepping into the Co-Executive Director role. Formerly Grades of Green interns, coordinators, managers, and most recently the Co-Directors of Programs, Emily and Allie were honored to be selected for the Co-Executive Director position. Recently featured as one of VoyageLA’s Most Inspiring Stories, Emily and Allie are excited for this opportunity to continue fulfilling Grades of Green’s mission of inspiring and empowering students to care for the environment. In addition to their hands-on experience, Allie received her M.A. in Non-Profit Management and earned a Fundraising Certificate and Emily holds an M.A. in Public Relations and an MBA Certificate. Emily and Allie look forward to connecting with the community and serving Grades of Green students with the support of the amazing staff, board and volunteers.

Please help us welcome Susan Warshaw as the new Executive Director of Grades of Green! We are excited and honored to have Susan lead Grades of Green as we continue to change the course of the future by making environmental protection second-nature in young minds.

“I’m eager to lead the Grades of Green team as we inspire and empower more students around the nation and the world to care for the environment. From our start at one school just a short while ago, we are quickly expanding to meet the need for K-12 environmental education that brings students, parents and the larger school community together for sustainable results,” explains Warshaw.

Get to know Susan here and say come say hi at outreach events around Southern California.

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