Water Campaign Friendships

Two years ago, Aquatic Society of Omaha from Nebraska and St. Roza from Uganda joined our 2017 Water Campaign. These two teams met each other through the Campaign as partner teams and learned about methods to improve water quality and water conservation efforts. During the Campaign, the two teams communicated a common interest in water conservation, food security, and improving sustainable agricultural efforts. Since first meeting each other, Aquatic Society of Omaha and St. Roza have collaborated on several environmentally focused projects and have kept in contact in future Campaigns. We’re happy to see our Campaign teams get along so well!

Continued Collaboration

These veteran Grades of Green Campaign teams have continued to participate in environmental efforts together- most recently in the Pollination Project. Aquatic Society of Omaha and St. Roza are committed to learning about modern agricultural practices in order to improve agricultural efforts, learn about water dynamics in soil, and improve sustainable resource usage. Both Aquatic Society of Omaha and St. Roza are working to improve awareness and solutions for water issues by researching the impact of water scarcity and by working on food growing units. By improving food growing aspects in incremental steps, the teams are improving water and quality by incorporating water testing and soil testing kits into food growing units while taking action on other agricultural measure. Other innovations include adding nets to the bottom of food growing units to prevent pests from attacking food roots and adding enriched soils to these kits.

Join the Water Campaign!

Want to join teams like Aquatic Society of Omaha and St. Roza in fighting water issues around the world? Feel free to join us in our next Water Campaign here!

Who knows? Maybe you’ll find a great partner team to collaborate too!

Grades of Green’s New York City office recently participated in an Earth Day 5k Green Tour hosted by Earth Day Initiative. Our favorite stop was The Battery Urban Farm, where we started our tour bright and early in the drizzling rain. It’s an educational farm hidden in plain sight! The Battery Urban Farm is a great place for anyone to visit and especially for students to get hands-on learning. Ecosystems, native plants, pollinators, animal and insect camouflage, and water ecology are among the topics students can learn about amongst the rows of produce (vegetables, fruits, herbs, grains, and flowers) and oyster restoration stations. The food produced is donated to participating school cafeterias through the Garden to School Cafe Program.

Too far away to visit The Battery? Take on your school’s own Drought Tolerant Garden or taste new, fresh foods with a Farmer’s Market Meal — be sure to register your school so you can unlock these and all other 40+ activities.