Franklin Elementary from Santa Monica began its eco-friendly journey with Grades of Green back in 2013 and has continued to lead the way as green school ever since. Franklin competed in Grades of Greens 2013-2014 Trash Free Lunch Challenge. After reducing and diverting lunchtime waste by packing trash free lunches and adding in liquids, recycling, and composting bins in addition to their landfill bins, the school was able to reduce their lunchtime waste by 90%, earning them the “Above and Beyond” award.

Franklin Elementary has since taken on many of Grades of Green Activities. Not only do Frankin students pack trash free and recycle at lunchtime, but they also host an annual recycling event every year to encourage students to  recycle electronic waste.  Students are even encouraged to walk/bike/ride to school instead of driving.

In fall 2017, Franklin Elementary hosted an education night where parents and students learned different ways to reduce their everyday waste. Crayon Collection taught students how they could donate used crayons to schools in need instead of throwing them away while Grades of Green reminded students how to correctly use their recycling, composting, and landfill bins on campus.

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After a whopping six years of implementing Grades of Green Activities, Franklin Elementary School in Santa Monica is continuing their path to environmental sustainability by hosting an informative assembly for their kindergarten and first graders. Franklin Elementary Youth Corps Eco-Leadership Program students Felix, Averie and Kiera gave an assembly with the Grades of Green team to teach students the 4 R’s, how to pack trash free, and how to sort their lunchtime waste! After the assembly, students we able to practice their lunchtime sorting, and “super sorters” were rewarded with a raffle ticket that they could exchange for prizes.  Special thanks to Franklin Elementary’s Grades of Green Team for contributing to the school’s long history of implementing Grades of Green water activities such as the water reduction challenge, earth activities such as display cases, and waste activities such as litter monster, trash free lunches, and campus composting! Interested in learning more about the Youth Corps Eco-Leadership Program? Click here to read about all the students and the Grades of Green Activities they are working on this year. Interested in implementing Grades of Green Activities at your school? Find out how by clicking here!