Think about the number of single-use napkins that you use in a day.

A napkin at breakfast, an extra napkin for “just in case” that you know that you’ll never use, a napkin for lunch, a napkin for wiping your mess at lunch (might we suggest a sippy cup?), a napkin for blowing your nose, the list goes on!

Single-use napkins don’t grow on trees! They ARE trees!

Why not reduce your waste output and simply use a reusable napkin to pack lunches and wipe messes?

Earlier in the year, Grades of Green teamed up with Funkins to create these napkins! Grades of Green students around the world shared their eco-tips with Funkins for their custom reusable napkins. These napkins are designed for students to use for wrapping lunches, wiping down messes, and to use as placemats. With Grades of Green’s logo and facts, these beautiful napkins would not only reduce waste output, but they would also teach others how to be more environmentally conscious as well.

In addition, 5 dollars from EVERY Grades of Green Funkin purchased goes to Grades of Green! You won’t only help you and your friends become more environmentally conscious, but you will help those at Grades of Green help others make better environmental choices!

Check them out here!

Grades of Green is partnering with our friends at Funkins to create a custom Grades of Green Funkin product; a stylish, eco-friendly, cloth napkin! We are looking for five eco-tips to feature on the napkin, one for each of Grades of Green’s Activity categories. If you have a helpful eco-tip you’d like to share that focuses on energy, water, waste, toxins or air quality, we want to hear it.

To participate in the contest, simply email us at with your first name, eco-tip, and the state or country you are from. Winners will be gifted five Grades of Green branded Funkins napkins!

Contest rules: Must be 13+ years of age to participate. Contest ends January 26th, 2018. A total of five eco-tips will be selected to appear on the custom Funkins napkin. Winners will be notified by March 25th, 2018. By submitting an eco-tip, the participant grants full usage rights and privileges of submitted eco-tip to Grades of Green and Funkins.