FOMO is the horrible sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach when all your friends are out having fun and you’re stuck at home. This feeling has been so widespread the internet came up with an acronym for it: FOMO – the Fear Of Missing Out. Have no fear, there is no need to have FOMO at VERTE 2017, because we’ll be sharing some of these great memories via Facebook Live.
Grades of Green’s Verte Gala celebrates all the inspirational and innovative students, educators, schools, communities and donors all around the world who are forward thinking and pushing the boundaries to protect our planet.
We know you’re probably itching to know what to expect so here’s a sneak peak:
Silent Auction – We have all kinds of great items this year: Smile beautifully with Summer Orthodontics; work a sweat with FitOn Studio’s Lisa Austin; show off that new diamond necklace from Rock & Gems; or spend an evening with friends cruising the Pacific. There is no doubt these items will make you feel good about treating yourself and giving back at the same time!
Live Auction – These big ticket items are going to go fast! Who would not want to go to on a South African Safari or take a spa week at a beautiful ranch in Montana? Or maybe you’re trying to minimize your carbon footprint and want to enjoy a catered party for 35 at Manhattan Beach’s Plaza Bank? Or a private dinner on the strand? Or gift the dream of being a Laker Ball Boy to a special child in your life? Join us at Verte for a chance to bid on these and other Live auction items!
Grades of Green student, Sam, will be at Verte!  Sam has been collecting used shoes to donate to people in need all around the world and lessen the amount of waste that enters landfills. His goal this year is to collect an astounding 25,000 pairs of shoes. To help Sam, we’d like to use Verte 2017 as another opportunity to support him in reaching his goal. Let’s help turn Sam’s ripples into waves and have his local initiative reach those in need globally!
The Verte Gala will be held at the eco-friendly Ritz-Carlton, Marina Del Rey on the evening of May 13. In order to not cause yourself grief with FOMO, watch via Facebook Live.

If you’re looking at this after our online sales link is closed, do not hesitate to call (310) 607-0175 or email to see if you can still join us at Verte 2017!