Chris Gebhardt, Chair of the Board for Grades of Green and EVP at Participant Media, accepted the Sustainable Business Council’s Lifetime Business Achievement Award on behalf of Participant Media on Earth Day. The Lifetime Business Achievement award is given to a business who has fundamentally advanced the sustainable business industry and whose achievements have been acknowledged by the general public as well as by sustainable scholars, critics, and peers. Participant Media was chosen for this award because of the films and TV shows they make that spark social change. Some examples include Inconvenient Truth and Food, Inc. In addition to creating movies that spark social change, they have created specific social action campaigns for each film that gives a voice to issues that resonate in the films. In 2005, Participant Media also began to implement an environmental friendly strategy that includes creating carbon-neutral productions of films.  Grades of Green congratulates Participant Media and Chris Gebhardt for their inspiring work.