We want to congratulate all of the Grades of Green schools that received their Grades of Green Certification this year. These schools have implemented 5+ Grades of Green Activities, to earn Grades of Green Certification! Let’s hear it for:


Daves Avenue Elementary, Los Gatos, CA [19 GOG Activities!]

Grand View Elementary, Manhattan Beach, CA [11 GOG Activities!]

McKinley Elementary, Los Angeles, CA [8 GOG Activities!]

Center Street Elementary, El Segundo, CA [7 GOG Activities!]

Lindbergh STEM Academy, Long Beach, CA [7 GOG Activities!]

Burcham Elementary, Long Beach, CA [7 GOG Activities!]

Bryant Ranch Elementary School, Yorba Linda, CA [7 GOG Activities!]

George Washington Academy, Morocco [7 GOG Activities!]

135th Street Elementary, Hawthorne CA [5 GOG Activities!]

Accelere Program, Omaha, NE [5 GOG Activities!]

El Segundo Middle School, El Segundo, CA [5 GOG Activities!]

Macy Intermediate, Monterey Park, CA [5 GOG Activities!]

Citizens of The World Charter School, Mar Visa, CA [5 GOG Activities!]

Franklin Classical MS, Long Beach, CA [5 GOG Activities!]

Centennial Elementary, Springfield, OR [5 GOG Activities!]

Meadows Elementary School, Manhattan Beach, CA [5 GOG Activities!]

Lexington Elementary School, Los Gatos, CA [5 GOG Activities!]

ACES, Los Angeles, CA [5 GOG Activities]

Round of applause for these environmental heroes! These schools have shown their dedication to instilling environmental values in kids and have each completed 5+ Grades of Green Activities. You can click on each school to stay updated on which Grades of Green Activities they are taking on… so far! Are you interested in becoming the next school on Grades of Green’s Honor Roll? Checkout the Grades of Green Activities here to level up for each Activity your school takes on.

Congratulations to Macy Intermediate School in Monterey Park, California, who just became Grades of Green Certified! Thanks to the leadership of their Grades of Green Team, 4H club, and supportive educators, Macy has completed Grades of Green’s Campus Composting Activity, Trash Free Lunches Activity, Display Cases Activity, and Green King and Queen Challenge Activity.  The Grades of Green Team student leaders are constantly coming up with fresh, fun, educational games to inspire their campus community to care for the environment, and we could not be more proud of their efforts and accomplishments. Congratulations Macy! Interested in following Macy’s lead and getting your school Grades of Green Certified? Email us today at info@gradesofgreen.org to get individualized support from your school’s Grades of Green Advisor!