You may have found that many Grades of Green Activities cost nothing to implement. However, some Grades of Green Activities do require some expenses. Fundraising provides schools with additional resources to cover the costs of certain Grades of Green Activities.

Find a volunteer (either a parent, student or educator) to think of ways to fundraise for your school. You could hold a bake sale, raffle, or even a car wash (using environmentally friendly products of course) to raise some money for the Grades of Green Activity.

Be as creative as you want when you brainstorm ways to raise money for your school. Check out the Grants and Awards page to get some ideas on how to acquire funds for your school’s Grades of Green Team. Raising funds from outside sources will relieve your school’s budget of any additional costs.

Best of all, implementing Grades of Green Activities may actually save your school money in the long run. Grades of Green Activities often aid in lowering your school’s water bill, electricity bill, and waste hauling bill!