If you’ve implemented any Grades of Green Activities or you are planning to implement one, applying for grants and awards can help your school earn some money to support its environmental initiatives. Earning grants helps to alleviate some pressure from your school’s budget, and applying for grants is a simple process as well!

You’ll need one or more volunteers (either parents, students or educators) who can help to start this initiative. Find a volunteer who is comfortable with writing, and who understands the environmental activities being implemented by your school’s Green Team.

Check out this list of Grants and awards: Awards_Grants_2017 .  This list consists of suggested grants that you could apply for to raise funds for your school. Additionally, Disney, Sea World, and other entities offer annual grants and awards to schools who are attempting to go green. You can also check out your community’s City Council or Mayor’s Office for additional tips.

When your school does receive a grant or award, make sure to publicize it so that the entire school knows of your accomplishments. Lastly, please let us know if you come across any additional environmental grants and awards so that Grades of Green can add them to the list! Happy grant hunting!