Did you know that green cleaning supplies are healthier for humans, animals, and the environment? Youth Corps Eco-Leadership program student, Aisha, teamed up with Grades of Green and Earth Friendly Products to host a special Green Cleaning Eco-Lesson to teach her peers about the importance of using Green Cleaning Supplies. The presentation was delivered to over 100 fourth grade students at Woodbury Elementary School in Irvine, California. Aisha informed students about the harmful effects of toxic cleaning products, and how non-toxic, eco-friendly alternatives are better for the environment and easy to make or purchase. Vivian Panou, Director of Special Events and Programs at Earth Friendly Products, led a demonstration with Aisha to show the audience how all natural, green cleaning products are made. At the end of the workshop, students left with a sample of dish washing soap thanks to Earth Friendly Products. Congratulations to Aisha on giving an excellent presentation, and thank you Earth Friendly Products for supporting our Youth Corps Eco-Leadership Program!

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