Attention all middle and highs school students in the Southern California, Southern Florida, Colorado, Sacramento, and Bay Areas! With partnership from the Green Sports Alliance, four Climate Sports Student Summits have been created. And, they want you to be a part of these summits. On June 27, 2017, the National  Summit  will be held during the Green Sports Alliance summit at the Golden 1 Center in Sacramento, California. Also, there will be additional summits held in Southern California, Southern Florida, and Colorado.


Attending any of these summits will give students the tools to become real student sustainability champions in their respective communities! During the Summit, students will work on creating action plans to incorporate two separate nationally recognized sustainable planet programs that would aid in reducing energy and waste in their schools and communities. Examples of sustainable planet programs include, How Low Can You Go, the energy reduction initiative sponsored by the Miami Heat, and, the Trash on Your Back Challenge, which inspires all to reduce the amount of trash that they produce. What sustainability program will you make an action plan for during this year’s summit?!? Participation fees for students at the summit are covered thanks to sponsorships funds and donations. Contact Elaine Fiore at to learn more!