Annual Report

Every year, Grades of Green conducts an audit to track where the dollars donated to Grades of Green go. We strive to build trust with our donors by holding ourselves accountable with our finances. We are always to happy to share our findings, but we are particularly enthusiastic about this year’s report. The 2018 annual report shows that for every 1 dollar donated to Grades of Green, 86 cents goes directly into student programs.

What Does That Mean?

This means that 86% of all donations go DIRECTLY into programs that teach students- this includes the expansion of programs like our ongoing Waste Campaign. You can feel good about donating to our students as we help them fight environmental issues together. Click here to donate!

Need a new show to watch?

Check out Insecure!, HBO’s revolutionary show based on Issa Rae’s webseries, “Awkward Black Girl” has been warmly received by several teachers working with Grades of Green. The show stars Issae Rae and Yvonne Orji, who play two up-and-coming women of color sharing their experiences and struggles in non-profit and professional working environments.

Featuring Your Favorite Non-Profit!

Grades of Green made a cameo in this week’s Insecure Episode, “Backwards-like.” The female protagonists, Issa and Molly attend a job fair hosting several non-profits, including yours truly! Moreover, two of Grades of Green’s interns were also featured in the episode helping with the Grades of Green booth at the event!

Look for us when you check out Season 3 of “Insecure!”

Please help us welcome Susan Warshaw as the new Executive Director of Grades of Green! We are excited and honored to have Susan lead Grades of Green as we continue to change the course of the future by making environmental protection second-nature in young minds.

“I’m eager to lead the Grades of Green team as we inspire and empower more students around the nation and the world to care for the environment. From our start at one school just a short while ago, we are quickly expanding to meet the need for K-12 environmental education that brings students, parents and the larger school community together for sustainable results,” explains Warshaw.

Get to know Susan here and say come say hi at outreach events around Southern California.

Click here to view the release and share with others!

Interested in joining the Grades of Green staff, intern and volunteer team? Email for more information.

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