Grades of Green Youth Corps Eco-Leadership student Johanna J. wrote an article and created a video on ocean pollution that were both featured on Supervisor Kuehl’s website and newsletter!  Check out her fun and informative video and learn about her firsthand experiences with Grades of Green by clicking here. Supervisor Kuehl and the Los Angeles County 3rd District support Grades of Green’s Trash Free Lunch Challenge and Youth Corps Eco-Leadership Program. Want to lead an environmental project in your own school community like Johanna but don’t know where to start?  Learn more about Grades of Green’s Youth Corps Eco-Leadership Program by clicking here! My Grades of Green Story by Johanna James.

March 22, 2017 was World Water Day, and Grades of Green Youth Corps 3rd grader Nadia W. celebrated by educating her classmates about the importance of respecting our planet’s oceans. Nadia taught Grades of Green’s Eco-Lesson called Ocean Pollution Solutions to her classmates, and led an engaging discussion about how plastics get into our oceans, and what people can do to prevent this from happening. The lesson included two of Nadia’s favorite youtube videos that explain how plastics affect ocean life, and a poster presentation where Nadia showed examples of plastics that commonly end up in oceans. Nadia inspired her peers to take action to care for our oceans; a perfect way to honor World Water Day! Interested in teaching one of Grades of Green’s Eco-Lessons in your school community? Click here to read more about this Activity, and email us any time at for support!