Grades of Green had the honor of teaming up with Jack Johnson and his All At Once movement to promote Sustainable Local Food Systems and Plastic Free Initiatives at his concert at the Hollywood Bowl! As concert attendees made their way up the Hollywood Bowl trail, they were invited to visit the All At Once festival, which included a handful of Jack Johnson’s favorite Los Angeles nonprofit organizations. Guests were challenged to complete environmental actions, such as visiting a nonprofit booth, filling up a reusable bottle at the hydration station, and even purchasing carbon offsets to earn a reusable, stainless steel cup. The Grades of Green booth encouraged participants to take pledges to help the environment and spin our Eco-Wheel to learn interesting facts related to our 40+ Activities. Participants also learned how Grades of Green helps schools across southern California reduce their lunchtime waste by an average of 70% through our Trash Free Lunch Challenge, and how we empower students to implement an eco-activity from start to finish at their school through our Youth Corps Eco-Leadership Program.

Donations collected at the concert will be matched by Jack Johnson’s foundation. Didn’t get a chance to donate at the concert? All donations to Grades of Green will be matched by Jack Johnson’s foundation until September 1st – you can donate to Grades of Green by clicking here or on Venmo at @gradesofgreen!

Thank you to Jack Johnson and the Johnson Ohana Foundation for supporting Grades of Green since 2011 and helping us inspire and empower kids to care for the environment!