Plastic in our oceans is threatening the marine ecosystem: marine animals get stuck in the plastic or, even worse, they are ingesting plastic because it looks similar to their food.

It’s not all doom and gloom though. This blog gives 8 easy steps to help cut down on plastics that could end up in the ocean and contribute to the pollution problem. It can be as easy as cutting down on plastic consumption (step 1) and choosing reusables such as cloth shopping bags and steel/glass bottles instead of plastic bags and single-use plastic water bottles (step 7). Check out these and other ways to be a part of the solution here.

Thinking of taking on a Grades of Green activity to cut down on plastics? Consider a Water Refill Station or Trash Free Lunches! To access the downloadable resources for all 40+ of our activities, register here. ​

Grades of Green is  ecstatic to welcome the first international school to become Grades of Green Certified! A huge shout out to George Washington Academy in Morocco on its Certification. This is such an incredible way for Grades of Green, and George Washington Academy, to kick off the new year.

George Washington Academy has implemented five activities so far including:

Hey George Washington Academy, keep it up! Grades of Green is here to root you on as you tackle more Grades of Green Activities. We encourage you to continue your hard work towards environmental protection at your school. Thank you for all your efforts as you have demonstrated that Grades of Green Certification is possible for any school, anywhere.