World Water Day!

March 22nd is World Water Day! As populations, economies, and productivity all expand throughout the world, it is important to learn about the water needed to fuel all these changes. Without enough water, electric generators cannot be cooled, agriculture for food and clothing cannot be grown, and hygiene standards would fall. Although water conservation is important around the world, some areas have different approaches to saving water given their climate and local environment.

Climates and Locations

Countries have differing climates and attributes depending on their location on the globe. Some nations have four distinct seasons while some countries near the equator have have dry and wet seasons. For countries with dry and wet seasons, water conservation is so important. Without proper planning, dry and wet season countries might not have enough quality water for crops, cooling electric plants, and for cleaning and drinking. Grades of Green provides a few ways for schools to save water, but one Grades of Green School went above and beyond.

What are some other solutions?

Well Makers for Wellbeing

St. Roza, a private school in Uganda, wanted to provide quality water for their community during the dry season. As winners of last year’s Water Challenge, they used their earned grant funding to create a well that can hold up to 40,000 liters of water. This well will be able to capture and save water from the rain abundant wet season and help throughout the dry season. St. Roza certainly earned their grant and are paying it forward!

Expanding the Solution

St. Roza also hope to use some of their collected water to create a water efficient fish farm with help from their friends in Nebraska! Fish takes far less water for the average home cook to cook with compared to some local favorites like ugali, yams, rice, and lentils. Moreover, dishes that take less water to use can reduce the chances of waterborne diseases from spreading, since they do not need as much time to boil. The Grades of Green Team at St. Roza hopes that their community can be less dependent on water during the dry season so that there is enough for agriculture, drinking, cleaning and for the good of their community and future generations.

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March 22, 2017 was World Water Day, and Grades of Green Youth Corps 3rd grader Nadia W. celebrated by educating her classmates about the importance of respecting our planet’s oceans. Nadia taught Grades of Green’s Eco-Lesson called Ocean Pollution Solutions to her classmates, and led an engaging discussion about how plastics get into our oceans, and what people can do to prevent this from happening. The lesson included two of Nadia’s favorite youtube videos that explain how plastics affect ocean life, and a poster presentation where Nadia showed examples of plastics that commonly end up in oceans. Nadia inspired her peers to take action to care for our oceans; a perfect way to honor World Water Day! Interested in teaching one of Grades of Green’s Eco-Lessons in your school community? Click here to read more about this Activity, and email us any time at for support!