We are thrilled to publish and share the Youth Corps Eco-Leadership Program Final Report 2015-2016. Our team had the pleasure of mentoring 60 outstanding 2nd-12th grade students who came from schools all over the greater Los Angeles area. Each student implemented a Grades of Green Activity of their choice, and the results are outstanding! Thank you to our generous sponsors for your support, including the Murad Family Foundation, Earth Friendly Products, Alcoa Foundation, City of Santa Monica, and Southern California Edison. Congratulations to the amazing students who participated in the Youth Corps this year, we are so impressed with your passion for inspiring and empowering your communities to care for the environment!

INSPIRED? We hope so! Apply for the 2016-2017 Youth Corps Eco-Leadership here and watch the 2015-2016 Youth Corps Presentations here!

Applications available here!

Grades of Green is currently accepting applications for its prestigious Youth Corps Eco-Leadership Program. The Grades of Green Youth Corps Eco-Leadership Program is a committed group of selected students actively caring for the environment by creating and implementing a yearlong Grades of Green Project in their school or community. This team receives regular guidance and leadership training from passionate Grades of Green staff and supportive peer network of fellow Youth Corps students. Students become inspired to help the environment and empowered when they see their actions spark change. Interested in green actions like banning Styrofoam, diverting tons of waste, creating green clubs, and more? Then the Youth Corps is the place for you! If you have a passion for the environment and want to make a difference in your school and communities, apply today! Students in grades 2-12 from Southern California are welcome to apply. Applications will be accepted until September. Please email info@gradesofgreen.org or call 310-607-0175 if you have any questions! We look forward to meeting the next round of eco-leaders this Fall.

At Grades of Green’s annual fundraising event, Verte, 5th grader and Youth Corps student Xanna gave a fabulous presentation to inspire people to get more involved with Grades of Green. Xanna delivered her speech to the over 300 Verte guests, and spoke about her passion for the environment, how she came to be involved with Grades of Green, what she is doing to make a difference and what everyone can do to help. Xanna was nominated as the most inspiring student in all of Long Beach Unified School District, and after watching this video, you will see why! To see Xanna’s speech, click here.


Thanks to Grades of Green Youth Corps students Sydney, Drew, Zoe and Kiley, Lunada Bay Elementary School students have learned some new ways to go green! Second graders Sydney and Drew gave a presentation to the two second grade classrooms to educate their peers about the drought, and to encourage them to turn off the tap when they brush their teeth. The students were invited to sign a Turn off the Tap pledge, and every student was gifted with a green toothbrush with a Grades of Green Turn off the Tap logo on it to remind them about their water saving pledge. Zoe and Kiley created a fun skit to present at a school wide spirit assembly encouraging their peers to choose organic fruits and vegetables, and to avoid pesticides. The skit included scenery made from recycled cardboard boxes! Congratulations to these Youth Corps leaders for inspiring and empowering their school community to care for the environment. Interested in learning more about the Youth Corps? Click here!

Youth Corps student Caoilin celebrated earth month at her school by hosting a recycled art contest, and it was a huge hit! All students in the St. Paul the Apostle School community were invited to create a unique piece of art, and were encouraged to use items that are normally thrown away or recycled to structure their masterpiece. Over 20 entries were received, and artists used materials such as old batteries, cereal boxes, broken crayon bits, bottle caps, and more! Caoilin organized a panel of judges to pick three winners for the upper grade entries, and three winners from the primary grades, as well as one winner who used the most recycled materials in their entry. Winners were rewarded with eco-friendly prizes such as reusable water bottles and lunch boxes. Way to go Caoilin! Interested in reading about other Youth Corps projects? Click here!