On February 12th, Grades of Green Communications Associate Justin visited the iHeartRadio headquarters in Los Angeles, California to talk to DJ EJ about the Waste Campaign. Justin’s interview with KIIS FM is now available here through iHeartRadio.

KIIS FM allowed Grades of Green to recognize all the amazing work being done by student Eco-Leaders around the world through the Waste Campaign. Tune in to hear Justin talk about student leaders, like Isaiah from Manhattan Beach, California, Jay from Omaha, Nebraska, Justin from Los Angeles, and Augustine from Uganda.

“Let the students run with the project, it’s so important for [Grades of Green] to provide them with the resources that they need, and the information that they need, and allow them to follow their interests,” Justin explained. “The students have done such a great job of collaborating with students internationally, brainstorming, and coming up with amazing ideas that leave me feeling very optimistic for our future.”

Justin spoke with DJ EJ about natural landscaping, buddy benches, water quality testing, and more. DJ EJ remarked, “to think these projects are coming from students is mind-blowing.” Give the interview a listen to learn more!