One way to raise awareness and foster action on behalf of the environment in your school community is to organize a film screening. A film screening can open minds and provide the burst of inspiration that students need to make sustainable choices! Grades of Green recommends screening “Time to Choose”, an educational new film about the challenges climate change poses our world by Academy Award-winning director Charles Ferguson . The film, which is suitable for high school age and up, takes viewers on a global journey to investigate the drivers of climate change and other environmental problems as well as the solutions that can transform our world for the better. The film’s empowering message is a great way to inform students about the power of their choices and to help them envision a better future.”Time to Choose” also comes with lesson plans and discussion guides that educate viewers about clean energy and sustainable food and transportation.

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Watch the Trailer!
Watch the film trailer or visit the “Time to Choose” website to find out more.