Together We Stand for Justice and Equality

You may have noticed that we’ve chosen to mute our account over the past few days to make space for black, indigenous and people of color allies advocating for justice against police brutality and systemic racism. We’ve spent this time actively listening, learning, and reflecting on what we as an organization and our leadership can do to be stronger partners and are committed to that cause. We pledge to redouble our efforts to stand against injustice in all its forms and to amplify black, indigenous and people of color voices. We invite you to do the same. Black Lives Matter.

To our black, indigenous and people of color students — we stand with you and support you. Students are always our #1 priority and we are here to serve you. Have ideas on how we can do that? We’ll be discussing these with you soon and are here if you want to talk right now — we want to hear from you! Please send us a DM or connect with your advisor.

We recognize that the fight for the environment must go hand-in-hand with the fight for racial and social justice. We’re committed to making environmental justice a key element of our programming and know that we can do more to elevate the intersection between environmental justice and social justice in our work.

To that end, we are working diligently over the summer to expand our environmental justice training in our upcoming year-long Climate Campaign and are so excited to launch this new program in the fall!

If you have any suggestions or questions about Grades of Green’s commitment to environmental justice or how we are working with students to advocate for the environment, please DM us and we would love to connect!

We’d like to share these diverse voices that are a source of inspiration and guidance for us and invite you to follow them, too: