The Grades of Green Team student-leaders at
Valley Academy of Arts and Sciences,
a High School in Granada Hills, California, are rocking the Spring 2018 Global Water Challenge! These eco-heroes are rolling out a campus-wide water awareness campaign to encourage their community to take action to save water, our most important global resource. Why are their team leaders so passionate about water?

“Water conservation is important to our school because not many people have access to it. The people who do have a seemingly unlimited water supply take their plumbing for granted. There are many countries, and even a city within our own country, that struggles every day for clean water, and/or a consistent water supply.”

Check out their passion for water conservation and knack for creative media in this Grades of Green Team Introduction Video with original lyrics!

What is the Global Water Challenge?
The Spring 2018 Global Water Challenge is a competition between 40 schools from 10 countries across the world and 10 U.S. states. The Water Challenge is a semester-long program run by student leaders who are rolling out a water conservation or water quality campaign on campus. From Long Beach, California to Nairobi, Kenya, Grades of Green Teams are working towards the same goal: protecting our water supply for current and future generations! Follow @gradesofgreen on Instagram for more Water Challenge videos and stories!