What is Verte?

Verte is an unforgettable annual gala benefiting Grades of Green’s vision to create a clean and sustainable environment for generations to come. Attended by nearly 350 distinguished guests, celebrities, and trailblazing honorees, Verte raises critical funds to continue educating and empowering students to take take action and lead meaningful change in their local communities.

Verte Sponsorship

Verte sponsorship is an excellent and engaging way to enjoy the festivities and maximize exposure of your business to the community and over 350 eco-oriented donors, business icons, celebrities, and distinguished honorees. Additionally, because of the high-profile nature of our attendees and inspiring student achievements, Verte draws media attention from many local and national media.

2024 Honoree

Chris verte honoree

Chris Dickerson

Players for the Planet

Chris Dickerson is a former Major League Baseball player and Co-Founder of Players for the Planet, a nonprofit that believes in uniting all athletes to bring lasting and measurable transformation to the Earth. Chris empowers over 150 athletes to use their influence towards sustainability, inspiring the future of sports toward environmental stewardship.

Verte Gallery

2023 Event Sponsors

Green Innovator - $15,000+

Green Visionary – $10,000+

Green Hero – $25,000+

Leslie & Grafton Tanquary​

Shaya & Grant Kirkpatrick

Green Innovator – $15,000+

Camela Ott & Mark Bell

Lisa & Stuart Coppedge

Steven Davis M.D.

Green Visionary – $10,000+

Megan Mauck

Nick Rosenthal

Kay & Sam Sheth

Green Leaders – $5,000+

Green Friend – $1,000+

Green Environmental Business Leaders

Founders Circle

Live Auction Donors

Food & Beverage Donors

Silent Auction Donors

Wine Donors



Ethan Brown
CEO, Beyond Meat

Ethan Brown, the CEO and Founder of Beyond Meat, is committed to creating plant-based meat alternatives. His upbringing instilled a love for agriculture and the environment, guiding his career toward addressing climate change through clean energy solutions. He played a pivotal role in shaping grid management policies, contributing to federal and state policies. Later, he joined Ballard Power Systems, a leader in Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) fuel cell development, rising to a direct reporting role to the CEO.

Dr. Melanie Lundquist
Lundquist Foundation

Dr. Melanie Lundquist, LHD, is an activist philanthropist whose voice is as fearless as her life-changing work. From Aspen and Bloomberg to Milken and POLITICO, she is a sought-after speaker on improving public education, fighting climate change, and impact philanthropy. Melanie has hosted high-level gatherings on climate solutions, including with Captain Planet Foundation Chair Laura Turner-Seydel, a past recipient of the Mother Earth Award.