A fun-filled cocktail hour with live music at the beautiful Ritz Carlton in Marina Del Rey, with a picturesque view of the coast and sunset. If giving back and having fun are things you enjoy, then no doubt we’d love to host you!


Our wonderful Verte 2017 honorees are Jeff Neu and the law firm of Morgan Lewis & Bockius, LLP.  Jeff is a lifelong environmentalist and is personally responsible for helping Grades of Green inspire and empower over 43,000 students to care for the environment! Morgan Lewis & Bockius, LLP a full-service, international law firm committed to serving the public good and has provided free legal services to Grades of Green since our inception. We’re excited to celebrate our honorees for all their efforts to amplify our vision of a greener future.


At Verte 2017, you will not only learn how our students are changing their local communities, but also how donations like yours continue to amplify their efforts into a broader global reach. Some of our Grades of Green students will demonstrate in person how invaluable their experiences have been through Grades of Green. Thanks to people like you, Grades of Green helps inspire over 400,000+ kids across 12 countries! 


Meet and mingle with the people who “speak your language” and are passionate about working to empower students, and collectively the world, to care for the environment. It is an opportunity to develop new and existing friendships, all while supporting a great cause! 


Verte is inspirational and will undoubtedly ignite your passion to care for the environment. Verte attendees will return home invigorated and motivated, knowing their support goes far beyond the event. 

Honor Earth Month by purchasing your ticket today!