Waste Management, in partnership with the City of Manhattan
Beach and local company Go Green Lunch Box, has provided a reusable lunch box
to each incoming first grader in the Manhattan Beach School District.  Each lunch box also includes an aluminum
water bottle and bento-style food containers.
These lunch containers will help eliminate the amount of trash students
produce from their lunches each year. This is important considering it is
estimated that on average a school-age child using a disposable lunch generates
67 pounds of waster per school year (adding up to about 18,760 pounds of lunch
waste for an average-size elementary school).

 Grades of Green helped coordinate the distribution of these
lunch boxes to the Manhattan Beach schools.
Although only first graders received the boxes, older students can
purchase the lunch boxes at gogreenlunchbox.com.

 Waste Management plans to distribute about 2,050 reusable
lunch boxes through the program over the course of its seven-year contract with
the city.