Pat was born and raised in the Midwest. He grew up in Toledo, OH and attended the University of Notre Dame for undergrad. Before moving to Los Angeles, he received his masters in Accounting at Bowling Green State University. With his grad degree complete, Pat went to work for Ernst & Young directly out of school. Here he worked on the audit side of the business for 3 years. After he left the audit world, he moved into a finance role for Westlake Financial. With Westlake, Pat served as the Director of Finance before being promoted to VP of Credit. In his roles he served as a manager of the company and was tasked with starting new lines of business. In 2017 Pat left Westlake and moved into the renewable energy industry. Pat currently works with homeowners to provide solar energy systems to replace traditional utility needs. 

Pat is also a co-founder of a nonprofit assisting individuals and families that are impacted by pancreatic cancer. Pat’s mom was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2006. Soon after she was diagnosed, Pat and some friends formed Pants Off Racing (POR). Currently POR supports dozens of families each year. The mission of the organization is to directly assist those that are referred to POR. Often families have a difficult time finding a community that will work directly with them. POR helps families eliminate a lot of the confusion in researching what they should do when someone is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. In addition, POR offers financial support for many of the families. POR is a completely volunteer run organization and helps families across the country. 

Pat is looking forward to integrating his knowledge of renewables with the Grades of Green program. He mentions his network consists of many contacts and family members that are teachers. He also looks forward to introducing friends that could provided a launchpad in the SOAR program, as mentors. There is a lot to learn, but Pat is ready to see how he fits in the organization and get to work spearheading some fun and significant programs in the future.