Program Manager

Growing up in the Sunny South Bay, Anjuli has a passion for keeping the earth a clean and happy place but didn’t realize it until she made a move to Chicago for college. During her decade living in Chicago, she started a career in various sales jobs for about five years and never felt really fulfilled. One day, she realized what was missing, she wanted to dedicate her career to the environment. She took a chance on an unpaid internship at an energy efficiency non-profit. This led to her role as the Business Relations Manager at I-GO Car Sharing. She eventually moved on to being the Special Events and Development Manager at the parent organization of I-GO; the Center for Neighborhood Technology in Chicago, whose mission is to create affordable and sustainable solutions for urban areas. In 2014, Anjuli returned to the South Bay focused on finding a career that provided environmental education for kids. Her search ended when she found her dream job at Grades of Green. Anjuli is thrilled to be a Program Manager for the Trash Free Lunch Challenge and loves helping out with other Grades of Green programs. She also loves her other job of being a mom as she and her husband welcome their first baby in 2016. In her spare time, she works on her side business, K scraps, which upcycles wood scraps from her husband’s custom guitar company into jewelry.