Ruthie began her environmental journey when she joined her school’s green team, The Keller Greenies, in 2019. Her eyes were opened to the reality of the climate crisis and she was able to see the clear connections to emissions and climate change, especially in her city of Long Beach, CA. Understanding how large fossil fuel corporations and plastic dependency are actively hurting civilians and wildlife like those in her community, she works hard to see a greener future. Ruthie joined the Climate Solutions Campaign in 7th Grade and through Grades of Green programs and mentorship, she grew exponentially in organizing, mentoring and bringing change to her community.  Along with being an intern for the Executive Team of GoG, Ruthie is involved with a student-led campaign, working to transition the Long Beach School District off fossil fuels for good. Ruthie will be a freshman at Polytechnic High School this school year. She hopes to grow even more this summer with the help of Grades of Green!