Program Advisor

Sarah was born and raised in Southern California, growing up by the ocean. She always had love and respect for nature, always wanting to go to the beach and going camping every summer. She joined Grades of Green as a volunteer in high school and worked on projects like banning styrofoam from her school, which made her even more passionate about the environment. While she knew she wanted to pursue Marine Biology in college, it wasn’t until she learned about the seriousness of plastic pollution in the ocean that she knew she wanted to pursue a career of protecting the oceans. As a UCSD undergrad, she served on the Executive Board for Camp Kesem for two years, working with children whose parents had cancer and finding her love of working with kids. She also interned for Grades of Green in 2018, mentoring teams for the Water Campaign. Sarah is now a UCSD graduate with a Marine Biology major and Global Health minor. She is passionate about learning more about what she can do to protect our precious planet as well as how she can help others find a passion for helping the environment, too!